Sunday, 11 March 2007

11th March - Erin's Birthday

Well it is around Comic Relief time again, in fact this time two years ago it was Comic Relief day! Quite apt really as this was when Erin was born.
So this years Comic Relief charity record I just don't get. 'Walk this Way' worked really well with the Run DMC v Aerosmith version due to the top talent and contra-genre artists involved. Seriously though The Sugar Babes v Girls what is the point?
Anyway, not much birding (well none) done today as it was Erin's birthday. Still a good day was had by all!

10th March - BIrding Briefly

Just had a quick tour out en-route to town. Not much to report except around 3000 geese near Anthorn, probably 50% Barnacle Geese and 50% Pink-footed Geese. Nothing unusual amongst them that I could see. Also nearby near Newton Arlosh there was 164 Whooper Swans.