Saturday, 27 January 2007

27th January - West Yorkshire

Well it seems like ages since I have been out birding! Anyway today was one of those great days, when everything goes according to plan!

Craig picked me up at 0800hrs and we were on our way to Bingley in West Yorkshire. We arrived at the site just after 1000hrs and we were immediately watching a superb American Robin! However the views were brief and we had to wait a good hour before the bird showed well again, The views were amazing, as the bird hopped in the grass in front of us! The bird was really enjoyable, it was a brighter individual than the one I saw in Grimsby a few years ago. This was an excellent bird to see and a nice addition to my Yorkshire list!
Besides the American Robin, the area was quite rich in birds. We got excellent views of Nuthatches, Jays, Long-tailed Tits, Redwings and Fieldfares amongst the commoner species. The non-birding highlight of the day was when a good looking lass asked me if she could take my photo! Of course the lass worked for the local paper, so Craig and myself had our pics taken - whether we were published or not we may never know!!
A short walk along the river was worth while as we got nice views of the overwintering Firecrest, I forgot how fantastic these birds are!

We then made our way to a site at Pule Hill, just North of Halifax where we eventually got good views of a Shore Lark. This was an amazing inland record and another nice addition to my Yorkshire list!

What a superb day!